The sculpture studio is generously equipped. It features two McEnglevan melters that are capable of melting aluminum, bronze and iron, and an Alpine kiln. The welding area features stick-arc, oxy-acetylene, two MIG’s, a TIG and a plasma arc cutter. The fabrication area is equipped with a power roller, manual roller, horizontal bandsaw, drill press, bench grinder, chop saw, beverly shear and numerous power tools. The blacksmithing area has two anvils, an 80# German-made air hammer and two coal/coke forges. The mold making and investment area has a bonded sand mixer (350#), a ceramic shell mixer as well as standard investment capabilities. These facilities are rounded out with two outside cupolettes, a plaster room, wax working area (including a forty quart wax melter) and a well-equipped woodworking shop (housing a wood lathe, band saws, drill press, scroll saw, table saw, panel saw, miter saw). In addition, a two-ton overhead-motorized bridge crane as well as a motorized forklift serve the entire foundry. In addition the sculpture area has a 1500sq ft outdoor working area as well as individual graduate student spaces.


Joseph and Sarah
Sarah welding
SIUE Sculpture classroom2
standard investment
sarah's motar
portrait molds
Sculpture patio1
jesses studio