Thad Duhigg, Professor and Area Head in Sculpture

Department of Art & Design


Thad Duhigg - MFA Syracuse University, BFA Southern Illinois University Carbondale - is head of the sculpture program. He has taught at the University of Wyoming, Texas Christian University and is currently professor of sculpture in the Department of Art and Design.  He is also the recipient of a Fulbright Senior Scholar Award (Budapest, Hungary).  Duhigg has exhibited in a wide variety of venues throughout the U.S. including Laumeier Sculpture Park, Rockford Art Museum, Amarillo Museum of Art, Huntsville Museum of Art and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.  He employs diverse techniques including cast metal, wood and steel fabrication, stone carving, and modeling in his sculpture.

Duhigg, freedom of thought
Duhigg, path
Duhigg, presence
Duhigg, in country
Duhigg, raft
Duhigg, witness
Duhigg, runoff
Duhigg, other americans
Duhigg, empire
Duhigg, east v. west